Our Products


  • Doodles Do Algebra Math Curriculum – a workbook-based algebra series that focuses on attaining rigorous math competancy while nurturing a love of mathematics. Samples available at www.TeachMeBetter.org
  • The Adventures of Fanny and Newt – a storybook for children of all ages chronicling the adventures of two bear cubs who live at the zoo with their keeper as they solve problems, rescue lost animals, and learn about the world. This story came out of bedtime tales which we told our children when they were young that was designed to stretch their imaginations, create a calm environment, and develop strong moral character. We are currently releasing a chapter each week of this story on this website as we finish up the editing process. The final published book will include illustrations.


              ByMoms4Moms.org – a math web portal that offers direct consultation from our family and a number of veteran homeschool moms. This service is currently free through the the web site.

              DoodleMom’s Homeschool Life Blog – our homeschool life-focused blog covering a huge variety of curriculum reviews, discussions of various homeschooling-related issues, and free game, planning, and worksheet downloads.