This Week on TeachMeBetter … Word Problems and Solving 2 Unknowns

lesson 118 to 122This week on DoodleMom and her eager team of doodles continue Algebra lessons in the Doodles Do Algebra curriculum series. These lessons are available as worksheets for download at along with answer key and teacher’s guide included in each lesson post.

We are in the final stages of completing the Doodles Do Algebra curriculum for publication and give away individual lessons on because we, like you, homeschool our children and cost is always, always a factor. The lessons are based on algebra texts written in the 1700’s and 1800’s by Cocker and Ray. We chose this model of teaching because, simply, this is the Algebra that created the intellectual greatness of early American society, and also because there are plenty of homeschooled children and their parents who find existing math curricula either tedious, unintelligible, or too dumbed-down to be useful. Doodles Do Algebra is designed for children ages 10 and up who are ready to begin Algebra lessons, especially those who love doodling and have strong imaginations. The doodle characters are based on the children and animals in our own family, complete with the same personality (except our guinea pig – who is frankly kind of boring in real life!)

Lesson 118 – Link Here

Lesson 119 – Link Here

Lesson 120 – Link Here

Lesson 121 – Link Here

Lesson 122 – Link Here

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