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WTRS publishes market reports which cover a full range of emerging wireless technologies and the products and industries which will adopt those technologies.

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Self-Powered Wireless Poised for Home Automation Markets

“It is likely that 2015 will be the year of home automation, but this is dependent on stable financial and real estate markets”, said Kirsten West, Principal Analyst with WTRS. “Regardless, 2015 is the year that EnOcean enters the home automation market and of all the WSN options, EnOcean stands the strongest chance of gaining a significant foothold.”

Published: Jan 17, 2015

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Marketeer's Almanac for Home Automation 2015

The new product, “The Marketeer's Almanac for Home Automation 2015”, is a 21st century implementation of the almanacs that drove the economic greatness and innovations of the 1800's. The Marketeer's Almanac is written in the spirit of Ben Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac that sucessfully guided farmers in the America of the 1700 and 1800's.

“The story of home automation is really just beginning today. For years and years, the prevailing question in the automation industry has centered around finding the feature that will enable penetration into homes. For decades, technologies such as wireless were available, products tested in small market areas, and companies invested in a future automated home infrastructure. But nothing seemed to catch. Consumers did not adopt products, and did not even seem to care about the new usage models enabled by these innovative technologies and products”, said Kirsten West, Principal Analyst and Chief Marketeer with WTRS. “What would it take? This Marketeer’s Almanac will help you understand the home automation market, both its risks and the opportunities. I hope to give you the tools that help you and your company decide how to participate in the home automation market and the insight to succeed throughout the year.”

Published: December 15, 2014

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WTRS Wireless Sensor Network Technology Trends 2015 Report

The study, “WTRS Wireless Sensor Network Technology Trends 2015”, analyzes competitive product activities by prominent industry participants and market penetration of associated wireless sensor network protocols.
“Home automation as a dominant sector is finally growing,” according to Kirsten West, principal analyst with WTRS, “Consumers are interested in purchasing products. Those remaining technology companies finally have a possible market to address. Wireless was not the key that opened the market. The applications were the key. And integration of a full complement of technologies combined to enable consumers to see the value of home automation products.”
The WTRS Wireless Sensor Network Technology Trends Report analyzes and forecasts the global and regional markets for wireless sensor networks. The report includes an evaluation of emerging Wireless Sensor Network technologies and associated software including ZigBee, Bluetooth Smart, IEEE 802.15.4, Low Power WiFi, Z-Wave, EnOcean, Dash7, and others.

Published: January 5, 2015

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Wireless Charging Technology Empowers Electric Vehicle Markets and Changes Consumer Behavior

"The benefits of implementing wireless charging technology in electric vehicles far outweigh the challenges. The technology not only offers a solution to the safety and convenience issues currently inhibiting electric vehicle adoption, but also presents an opportunity to change consumer behavior.", said Kirsten West, Principal Analyst with WTRS. "Combined with wireless communication technology, wireless charging could further abstract the maintenance and care of electric vehicles turning them truly into transportation tools and away from devices that require thought and attention. In a very real sense wireless charging technology offers the equivalent change for consumer usage of the vehicle as cell phones with integrated downloadable third party applications and location and accelerometer capability has done for communications."

Published: May 23, 2011

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